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WMRE Common Area: Outlining the Latest Proptech Investment Trends with Sarah Liu (Ep. 76)

Commercial real estate has been a notorious laggard when it comes to adopting technology. But a surge of investment in proptech in recent years is helping to transform many business practices within the space. 

Fifth Wall is a major venture capital firm focused on the global real estate industry and property technology for the built world. With the backing of institutional partners within the sector it has helped fund dozens of proptech startups. 

In this episode, David Bodamer is joined by Sarah Liu, a Partner of the Real Estate Technology Investment Team at Fifth Wall, to discuss what kinds of technology the industry is adopting..

Sarah discusses:

  • How Fifth Wall vets their proptech investments.
  • Which sectors and processes are seeing some of the biggest effects by adopting technology and automating processes.
  • How the pandemic helped accelerate some proptech adoption and how changes like work-from-home and hybrid work schedules have created new challenges to navigate. 
  • How Fifth Wall positions its funds to help incubate proptech startups.
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Sarah Liu is a Partner on the Real Estate Technology Investment team at Fifth Wall, where she focuses on early stage investing in the construction, fintech, insurtech, and residential sectors.

Prior to joining Fifth Wall, Sarah worked at McKinsey in San Francisco. Her work there spanned FIG, TMT, and retail and included private equity due diligence, M&A strategy, and corporate transformations.

NREI Common Area – Episode 20 – Hot Stories of the Week: October 18, 2019

In this episode of Common Area Podcast, David Bodamer discusses Nestpick’s list of the world’s best cities for Generation Z, what RCA’s research is showing for the slowdown of CRE acquisitions by foreign investors, and lastly what questions California’s new rent control law is posing for multifamily investors. 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Which city Nestpick ranked highest for Generation Z 
  • The surprising metrics that Nestpick used to score each city
  • Which countries top the list for being active investors in the U.S. CRE market
  • Possible reasons why foreign investors have slowed down on CRE acquisitions
  • The new rent control law’s pros and cons for investors and renters 
  • And more!

Tune in now to get your dose of this week’s top stories!

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NREI Common Area – Episode 16 – Hot Stories of the Week: September 20, 2019

In this episode of Common Area Podcast, David Bodamer and co-host Aric Johnson discuss updates from the stories that we’ve been following for the last few weeks. Get the latest news about the Feds cutting interest rates, WeWork postponing their IPO, and online stores moving to brick-and-mortar spaces.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How the Fed’s interest rate cuts could affect CRE investors
  • Why WeWork is still not ready to go public
  • What is driving popular online retailers to open physical stores
  • And more!

Tune in now to get your dose of this week’s top stories!

Resources:  National Real Estate Investor 

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