Month: June 2024

Wealth Management INVEST: Investing in Private Markets with a Fiduciary-First Approach

Wealth Management INVEST: Investing in Private Markets with a Fiduciary-First Approach’s David Bodamer speaks with Jake Miller, Co-Founder and Chief Solutions Officer at Opto Investments, about the evolving landscape of private markets and how RIAs can leverage new strategies to benefit their clients. They touch on the opportunities and challenges within private equity, private credit, infrastructure, and real estate, as well as Opto’s recent partnership with Mercer Advisors.

Jake discusses:

  • The development and goals of Opto Investments and their role in the burgeoning market of private investments for the wealth channel
  • Details about the recent partnership with Mercer Advisors and the opportunities Mercer is bringing to its qualified purchaser clients developed with Opto. 
  • Insights on the current state and future trends within private investments
  • The importance of a fiduciary-first approach in managing private markets
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Jacob (Jake) Miller is the Co-Founder and Chief Solutions Chief Solutions Officer at Opto Investments. Prior to helping found Opto, Jacob was at Bridgewater Associates. He has a passion for sensible long-term investing, systematizing investment processes, and distilling complex market dynamics into clear, logical linkages that help people better understand their investments. 

Jacob has been managing money for family and friends since he was 16 and is a certified market junkie. While he has a background in macroeconomics and high-yield debt, he finds the challenges and opportunities in the private markets space far more interesting and important, both for investors and society.