Month: March 2022

Episode 70: What Family Offices Want from CRE Investments

Episode 70: What Family Offices Want from CRE Investments

High-net-worth investors and family offices have unique needs when it comes to the commercial real estate market. It’s a way of diversifying their portfolios and, unlike for other investors, it is sometimes a long-term play that plays a role in estate planning and generational wealth strategies.

In this episode, David Bodamer is joined by Belinda Schwartz, partner and chair of Herrick Feinstein. Belinda works with a range of high-net worth individuals and family offices, serving as the outside general counsel to a number of family-owned real estate businesses with portfolios valued above $1 billion.

Belinda discusses:

  • The impact of generational wealth planning when HNWIs and family offices invest in commercial real estate
  • What form HNWI and family office investments take in terms of looking at funds and private placements vs. directly acquiring real estate
  • What property types and markets these investors are interested in
  • How HNWIs and family offices have started experimenting with debt strategies and investing in proptech
  • How the tumult of the last two years has factored into their investment decisions

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About Our Guest:

Belinda Schwartz has chaired Herrick’s Real Estate Department since 2014, is a member of the firm’s Executive Committee since 2017, and is a 30+ year veteran of New York City’s commercial real estate market. She is a leader and mentor for 65+ attorneys and urban planners (23 of which are women) and one of the only women in the country to chair a major commercial real estate practice.