WealthManagement INVEST: Bridging the Gap in Fixed Income Opportunities

WealthManagement INVEST: Bridging the Gap in Fixed Income Opportunities

Listen in as David Bodamer sits down with Karen Veraa, Head of iShares US Fixed Income Strategy, to discuss fixed-income ETFs. Karen shares insight on navigating the current market complexities, from managing inflation impacts to exploring strategic investment avenues.

Karen focuses on:

  • The current state and future prospects of fixed-income markets
  • Insights into fixed-income ETFs and their role in today’s investment strategies
  • The concept of bond laddering and its benefits for investors
  • Navigating market expectations and the role of the Federal Reserve
  • And more

Connect With Karen Veraa:

Connect With David Bodamer:

About Our Guest:

Karen Veraa, CFA, is a Fixed Income Product Strategist within BlackRock’s Global Fixed Income Group focusing on iShares fixed income ETFs. She concentrates on supporting iShares clients, generating content on fixed income markets and ETFs, developing new fixed income iShares ETF strategies, and partnering with the iShares team on product delivery. She writes about fixed income ETFs and trends in that sector.

The majority of Lawrence’s career has focused on the meeting point of finance and technology. At Goldman, Sachs & Co., where he worked for 17 years, he was a partner & managing director, most recently serving as the co-head of the Global Technology Banking Group (part of the Investment Banking Division), focusing on all aspects of technology including the internet & e-commerce, software, services & hardware. He has also worked as director of various digital & e-commerce businesses, as well as a series of acquisition vehicles.

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