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WMRE Common Area: A CRE Economist’s View of Current Market Conditions

David Bodamer is joined by Xander Snyder, Senior Commercial Real Estate Economist at First American, in discussing economic trends impacting commercial real estate, such as demographics, fundraising, investment and lending. 

Snyder monitors, analyzes and reports on economic data and surveys related to CRE, and develops models and forecasts to better understand the forces that influence commercial real estate markets. He also co-manages a small family office of real estate investments.

Xander discusses:

  • What’s driving the pace of real estate investment sales volumes
  • The latest trends on some of the major CRE property types
  • What determines whether offices can be converted to other uses
  • And more


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About Our Guest:

Xander Snyder is a real estate economist, investor and serial impact entrepreneur. Xander graduated with a degree in economics from Cornell and a masters degree in data science from Berkeley. He has a background in finance, banking, and global risk.